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Dave Holmes Dave at neteffekt.co.uk
Thu Aug 10 23:15:29 BST 2006

Ogg vorbis files not seen them for a while! 

Meeting in a pub is always a bonus as well... 

I am very interested in getting involved in this side of the development
community from a personal point of view because I enjoy it, always have done
even back to the days of BBC micros and PET computers... 

>From a commercial point of view I want to know who is in the area and what
their skill sets are in case we have requirements we can't fill, there is
nothing on our site at the moment as we are re-branding our business, but
the type of PHP projects we get involved in are very in-depth not to mention
interesting like satellite tracking in real time! - (www.carnetics.co.uk)
excuse the shameless plug :)

I have built up a loath and disliking of agencies and anything to do with
recruitment, an opinion from formed from both sides of the fence! I much
prefer to work with people I know can do the job and I get on with -
something you can never get from a job interview. 

Sufficed to day a meet up would be great at some point just to get to know
people / faces / skills etc - the date could be tricky at the moment as we
are expecting a baby in the next few weeks. 

Have you had any thoughts on a topic for the next meeting ? 

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Dave Holmes wrote :
> Darren,
> Sounds like our situation we do the back end stuff an used to 
> outsource the pretty pictures the users like... We have since take on 
> a designer who is redoing our site in a web 2 style... Apparently lime 
> green is this seasons vogue... If you every have any design 
> requirements we can help out with let me know...
> Also handy to keep track of freelancers in the midlands, have you any 
> project examples?
> Dave
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> I'll dip in too to say hello.

Hello :)

> But happily I'm now freelancing again so most of my spare time is 
> being used to re-acquaint myself with things I'd forgotten (like 
> producing decent XHTML as I am no longer so able to outsource the 
> template build) and also adding some new things to my bow; top of the 
> list is Cake and getting to know some of the Ajax-y helper libraries like
those at script.aculo.us.
> List has seemed a bit quiet the past few weeks I've been lurking, do 
> you have meet-ups and things?

We've had two so far, and it's about time we thought about having another.
So far both meetings have involved a semi-formal presentation with a pub
meeting afterwards. Venue wise, we've kept to Broad Street, Birmingham, with
the Wetherspoons appearing to be a good venue (beer, food and no loud

FWIW, the 'sound track' to the last meeting can be found online on my
webserver - http://www.codepoets.co.uk/files/oosoundbarrier-final.ogg

(I've not linked to them from anywhere else, as I'm waiting for Marcus
Barker to create a .mov (or similar) with the slides etc and posted on
youtube (or similar)..).

> Regards
> P.s. |apologies if this gets to the list more than once. I forgot 
> which email address I'd used to subscribe so got a few moderator bounces.



David Goodwin 

[ david at codepoets dot co dot uk ]
[ http://www.codepoets.co.uk       ]

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