[Phpwm] Another one

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Aug 11 07:14:28 BST 2006

Tony Whitmore wrote :
> Dave Holmes wrote:
> > Ogg vorbis files not seen them for a while! 
> Heh, considering the format is only three years old, I'd be worried if
> you *had* seen them a while ago. Although I suppose it depends on your
> definition of a "while". Most Open Source podcasts have a Vorbis version.

Yes, I had similar thoughts :)

> > Meeting in a pub is always a bonus as well... 
> Actually, meeting in a pub excludes potential members of the community -
> those who dislike cigarette smoking, those who dislike the noisy
> atmosphere and those who can't go in to pubs for religious reasons.

Kat and myself would be able to 'host' a small number of meetings at
iCentrum (http://www.icentrum.co.uk) which is near Aston University (on
the science park). It has great meeting facilities (projector, lots of
chairs etc), but isn't free, and couldn't be long term. They charge
something like 100 pounds per half day, if memory serves me correctly.
Being a member, we get a certain amount of free time from them, which 
we'd be willing to use some of for e.g. phpwm.

So far, all our meetings have been at OpenAdvantage - and in many
respects, they provide a far better venue (easier to get to, free,
surrounding 'attractions' etc); but I don't know for how long we'll be
able to keep (ab)using them. 


David Goodwin 

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