[Phpwm] Re-Introduction...

Elliot Smith elliot at townx.org
Fri Aug 11 09:59:25 BST 2006

I've introduced myself before, but I'll do it again for luck.

I work at OpenAdvantage in Birmingham (http://openadvantage.org/), as an 
open source advocate, consultant, and trainer. My specialisms are PHP 
(I'm a "Zend Certified Engineer"), MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Drupal (and 
other content management), and Ruby on Rails. Used to write ASP (under 
duress) and some Java. I am a "command line programmer" (not interested 
in writing GUIs - I've tried but I can't get up any enthusiasm) and 
really like writing network clients and installing stuff. I'm also 
interested in AI (my PhD was on discourse understanding), but don't get 
much chance to indulge.

Cheers to Dave and Kat for taking over running the list.

Last meeting I could make (didn't do the last, regretted it) was good 
fun, and I'd be up for doing it again.


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