[Phpwm] Another one

Tony Whitmore phpwm at tonywhitmore.co.uk
Fri Aug 11 18:03:43 BST 2006

Dave Holmes wrote:
<snip due to bizarre quoting>
> I would check you facts... For a kick off the project reached version 1 in
> 2002! As we all know for any open source project takes ages to get to
> version 1, and the core codec was kicking around an awful long time before
> this - I was playing about with the codec in at least 2000 6 years ago - so
> yes I *have* seen it a long time ago 

Well, I was going by the date of the RFCs, which were, apparently, 2003.
But my main point was it sounds like you've /not/ come across OGG files
in a long time, and I was wondering how you had managed to avoid them!


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