[Phpwm] wiki?

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Tue Aug 22 16:11:46 BST 2006

On Tue, Aug 22, 2006 at 03:31:41PM +0100, Marcus Baker wrote:
> Hi...
> Alan Pope wrote:
> > I agree with Tony. A well configured wiki can be spam free. 
> Sorry chaps, but from my own experience on a couple of wikis, you
> haven't got a hope.

>From my experience we do. In my opinion if you get spam on your wiki, you

a) Chose the wrong wiki
b) Poorly implemented anti-spam measures

For example:-


Last spam, nearly a month ago. It's not that we've removed it all over the
last few hours, it hasn't been spammed since 25/7 (where you see "Rollback
by 1 revisions").

It's not a dead wiki either, getting at least one edit a day on average. We
have had periods of higher and lower activity of course. Summer is often a
quiet time. 

> Sometimes the PHPLondon spam gets so bad, the ISP thinks we are under a
> denial of service attack and shuts our site down anyway. I get 3000
> attacks per day against my blog alone (I've had to disable comments) and
> that's a lot less popular.

So fix the code, don't let it happen.

> Expect some maintenance, probably half an hour per week, and agree to
> share it.

Yup, distribute the admin workload, definately, but don't block it off
because you can't be bothered to imlpement decent spam protection.
> PHPLondon started a SF project to write one that actually bites back.
> Because we were also using it for our CodeFest tutorials, it ground to a
> halt when they did. As we have a mutual interest, or will have, once
> you've had a go at a popular wiki ;), maybe we can put a team together
> to code it.

We already did this. The HantsLUG wiki runs on a fork of usemod which
contains a number of very effective anti-spam techniques. Ok (ab)usemod is
"simple", it's perl and it has feature gaps. It *is* a wiki though. It is
open, and suffers little spam. 

Feel free to port it to PHP, or even port the anti-spam features to a PHP
based "better" wiki. But don't dismiss wikis as unworkable, it's just not

The following page has all the details of the patches that were developed to
make it work.



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