[Phpwm] wiki?

Tony Whitmore phpwm at tonywhitmore.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 18:07:25 BST 2006

Marcus Baker wrote:

> There is also option (c), which is that you have underestimated what you
> are in for. We'll see.

Possible, but Alan admins several public wikis that don't require
sign-ups to edit, so I'd say that was significant relevant experience.

>> Last spam, nearly a month ago. It's not that we've removed it all over the
>> last few hours, it hasn't been spammed since 25/7 (where you see "Rollback
>> by 1 revisions").
> Is this spam attempts, or successful attacks? Our triggers usually catch
> most spam attempts and we have several thousand blocked domains and IPs.

It's a successful attack. As with you, there are lots of blocked attacks
and IPs. Before the patches were introduced we would get spammed a lot,
sometimes with every page getting hit. Things are much more under
control now and have been for over year.

>> It's not a dead wiki either, getting at least one edit a day on average. We
>> have had periods of higher and lower activity of course. Summer is often a
>> quiet time. 
> It's not edits per day, it's page rank that will get you hit. We hit PR8
> once last year and that's when the spam went nuclear.

The HantsLUG wiki is in the first hit on Google for quite a few terms,
and often in the first couple of pages for many more. There is a large
collection of technical articles which get the best google rankings.


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