[Phpwm] Scheduled PHP Training Courses

Katherine Goodwin katherine at palepurple.co.uk
Mon Aug 21 09:37:21 BST 2006

Hi all,

As we seem to have people with a range of experience and ability on this 
list, I thought you might be interested in the training courses that we 
are, experimentally, running.

We don't expect anyone from the West Midlands to be interested (due to 
the lure of free OpenAdvantage training), but we know there's a wide 
membership, so people may be interested.

We normally run training courses for companies (and for OpenAdvantage) 
but we've been getting quite a few requests for scheduled courses, so 
we've decided to run some to see how they go.

We've got one "beginners" and one "existing programmers" course (more 
information here: http://www.palepurple.co.uk/training/scheduled/)

We're charging £625 for each of the 5 day courses (not including VAT) 
but are happy to offer PHPWM people a discount of £25 per day, taking 
the price down to £500 (plus VAT) for the 5 days.  We'd be running the 
course at our premises in Bromsgrove and they would be (very) small 
courses of up to 4 people.

I'm hoping people don't consider this to be spam, but there's a general 
opinion that its not appropriate to the list, we won't post this sort of 
thing again.

On a related subject, should we be making a point of "advertising" the 
free OpenAdvantage courses when they come along?




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