[Phpwm] instantiate word for windows

Chris Ball chris at mnemonik.net
Thu Aug 24 15:45:39 BST 2006

> Perhaps I can prompt a wider debate.
> It seems to me that the area in which php is weakest is printed output.
> I take the point that it is a server side language, so we don't have
> direct control over what happens at the browser.

You are right that PHP does not give you much control in regards to  
printing, but that is
because the other technologies that are used with it do this stuff so  
well; it's very
easy to design an array of things in HTML/CSS if you have the time,  
patience and a little
skill with image-editing software.

I, on a semi-professional basis, deal with print and web-design and  
find that things like
HTML and CSS give me a greater amount of control over documents than  
Quark does sometimes.

Most invoices and other such things are rather simple in design, and  
are perfectly
capable of being created in HTML/CSS. You could use a combination of  
PHP and local
scripts (Batch or Bash) to do the printing, if you did not like the  
way that the browser
handles such things.

The paperless office most definitely does not exist, but that does not  
mean we are bound
to 'office' applications.

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