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Chris Davenport chris.davenport at davenport.gb.com
Thu Aug 31 10:03:53 BST 2006


I may have missed something from the original discussion, but if you are 
running everything on an intranet then it should be easy enough to give 
the server access to all the printers within the company using LPR, 
CUPS, Samba or whatever.  This avoids browser issues completely as the 
print files are generated by the server.  If you use PostScript and let 
the print server software do the translations then you can achieve a 
high degree of printer device independence too.

Just a thought.


In message <44ED6930.4010201 at dunns.co.uk>, alan dunn <alan at dunns.co.uk> 
>Perhaps I can prompt a wider debate.
>It seems to me that the area in which php is weakest is printed output. 
>I take the point that it is a server side language, so we don't have 
>direct control over what happens at the browser.
>But I, and I am sure many of you, need solutions in a commercial 
>environment - and that means that almost every action results in the 
>need for a printed page - be it an invoice document, delivery note, 
>monthly sales report etc. etc. The 'paperless office' doesn't work 
>here. You _have_ to issue an invoice document - and for business 
>efficiency it needs to be printed there and then on a printer under the 
>sales counter that the member of staff is standing at! It seems to me 
>that outputting a web page to the printer is at best a clumsy solution 
>- reference the question I raised a couple of months ago about  output 
>overrunning the bottom of a page where there are more lines on screen 
>than a page can handle.


Chris Davenport
chris.davenport at davenport.gb.com

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