[Phpwm] image routine in php5

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Thu Aug 31 16:44:11 BST 2006

> We have a function which reads a directory of jpegs and create
> thumbnails which is working on a server running  php 4. We have
> installed it on a server running suze10.1 and php 5.1.2 and haven't been
> able to get anything out of it. Some aspects of the code are running -
> creating subdirectories for example - but nothing to do with the jpegs.
> We have confirmed that the GD library is installed and running.
> Does anyone have any insights/experience in this area?
> alan dunn
Hi Alan,

I'm in the process of enhancing my Coeus UCMS image management interface
functionality right now in fact, so its probably my best topic right now!

First thing that comes to mind is that there should be something like
ImageMagick installed.
Paste up your resize code, that should give a clue.

Either that or its not got the correct access rights on the sub-folder where
you store them. Set the folder to a CHMOD 777, see if it works then and then
reduce it from that dangerously accessible level! :-)



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