[Phpwm] Java vs.PHP

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 23:53:40 GMT 2006

> Great example of a drupal site. However, for the basic maths
> questions, forcing me to register is a bit dull.

Hehe, I noticed that as well.

it seems kinda slow to me, the question takes a while to appear.

How come some of the text questions are displayed as graphics?
1) they look slightly fuzzy
2) its an incredibly inefficient way of storing text
3) it means no one can resize the text font. - partially sighted people
might want to use the site as well and you just eliminated its usefulness
for them.

I take it by K1 etc you mean Key stage 1 - but there's no explanation on the

Why do they need to register, why no visible privacy policy, what stats is
the site gathering about users??

Why can't anyone contact you without registering??
Links should have a disclaimer on there with a contact if something leads to
somewhere inappropriate.
The 'kids hot books' link gibes no indication where it is going to go to,
mention Amazon in the text for that.

on teh registration page - which loaded incredibly slowly for me - it has
little red stars, whihc i take it to signify that fields must be completed,
a kid may not though.
Why the heck do thay have to complete a math problem to register, I don't
have to prove I can read to sign up for Amazon?

Why is the paypal donate value in US dollars?


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