[Phpwm] Java vs.PHP

Zhou Wu zwu_ca at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 5 04:27:08 GMT 2006

Thank you very much for the comments. The website was
just set up (did it in a month). I appreciated your
opinions very much and hopefully change it in a couple
of days.

--- Phil Beynon <phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk>

> > Great example of a drupal site. However, for the
> basic maths
> > questions, forcing me to register is a bit dull.
> >
> Hehe, I noticed that as well.
> it seems kinda slow to me, the question takes a
> while to appear.
> How come some of the text questions are displayed as
> graphics?
> 1) they look slightly fuzzy
> 2) its an incredibly inefficient way of storing text
> 3) it means no one can resize the text font. -
> partially sighted people
> might want to use the site as well and you just
> eliminated its usefulness
> for them.
> I take it by K1 etc you mean Key stage 1 - but
> there's no explanation on the
> site.
> Why do they need to register, why no visible privacy
> policy, what stats is
> the site gathering about users??
> Why can't anyone contact you without registering??
> Links should have a disclaimer on there with a
> contact if something leads to
> somewhere inappropriate.
> The 'kids hot books' link gibes no indication where
> it is going to go to,
> mention Amazon in the text for that.
> on teh registration page - which loaded incredibly
> slowly for me - it has
> little red stars, whihc i take it to signify that
> fields must be completed,
> a kid may not though.
> Why the heck do thay have to complete a math problem
> to register, I don't
> have to prove I can read to sign up for Amazon?
> Why is the paypal donate value in US dollars?
> Phil
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