[Phpwm] My site/admin project

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Fri Dec 15 14:21:54 GMT 2006

> Chris Allen wrote:
> > > Hi guys, this is just an update just to show you my personal project
> > > that I'm working on.
> Interesting stuff.
> Elliot Smith wrote:
> > I'm interested to know why you decided to go down this route, rather
> > than use a system like Drupal?
> Well drupal is quite heavy, if Chris can make his system to be small
> as possible then it might be useful to some people.

Chris can probably learn a lot more about PHP and interacting with a
database writing it directly so he can see what the code does and how things
interact than using a high level tool.

Plus its more fun!


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