[Phpwm] My site/admin project

Rob Allen rob at akrabat.com
Fri Dec 15 18:52:04 GMT 2006

Elliot Smith wrote:
> I'm interested to know why you decided to go down this route, rather
> than use a system like Drupal? I could do pretty much everything your
> framework does (after a cursory look at the demo) with a 5-minute Drupal
> install; plus I could add the features you've described within a few
> more minutes. True, some CMSs like Joomla! are inflexible, and don't
> give you much control; but Drupal (being PHP/MySQL-based) strikes the
> right balance for me between providing some structure and retaining
> flexibility; plus it has the best API (barring Plone) of any of the
> systems I've seen, so it's easy to extend.

Personally, I loathe Drupal's admin system as I find it very counter
intuitive.  Also, I've never seen a drupal install that doesn't look
like it started as community/participation site. That's not to say that
there aren't any, but I see Drupal's target market to be community type
sites. Otherwise things like Joomla! or CMSMadeSimple wouldn't exist!

It's probably just me though :)



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