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Elliot Smith elliot at townx.org
Fri Dec 15 21:33:04 GMT 2006

Rob Allen wrote:
> Personally, I loathe Drupal's admin system as I find it very counter
> intuitive.  Also, I've never seen a drupal install that doesn't look
> like it started as community/participation site. That's not to say that
> there aren't any, but I see Drupal's target market to be community type
> sites. Otherwise things like Joomla! or CMSMadeSimple wouldn't exist!

I take the point about Drupal being community-centric. A lot of good 
community sites use it, and that is undeniably a sweet spot for Drupal. 
But that's not to say it can't produce enormous traditional websites: 
take a look at The Onion (http://www.theonion.com/content/), for 
example; or MTV Flux (http://www.mtv.co.uk/channel/flux/) - though the 
latter does have quite a bit of community stuff, there's also a fair bit 
of content. I also agree about the admin. system (though I've got used 
to it now): it is poorly organised in version 4, but is much improved in 
version 5 (soon to be fully released).

Joomla! and CMSMadeSimple also have their sweet spot, in the small to 
medium brochureware region (though of course larger sites exist - it's 
just I'd say those two CMSs are best suited to the smaller stuff). But 
where Drupal excels, though, is as a platform: you can build any kind of 
content-managed site with it, pretty much, and it gives you tools for 
all the common stuff you're likely to want, plus a smart API.

Of course, writing a CMS is fun, and a good way to learn PHP, so I can 
see the attraction. I used to love writing web frameworks (until I came 
across Ruby on Rails). The other advantage of your own CMS is that you 
know it inside and out, and can tack on new functionality as you see 
fit. But I'd still rather put my faith in a CMS being worked on by 
dozens of talented programmers, rather than in something I've hacked 
together :).

> It's probably just me though :)
> Regards,
> Rob...
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