[Phpwm] My site/admin project

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Sat Dec 16 14:57:39 GMT 2006

> Hi Chris,
> It all looks pretty OK. Just a quick question... How do you
> intend to send
> "E-news"?
> This is open to anyone - what do you guys use to send out mail shots? For
> work purposes I use Campaign Monitor, which is a great app but it
> comes at a
> cost!
> Are there any open source alternatives?
> I remember at one place I worked, they used a PEAR class to send out mail
> shots, however this used always "give up" after about 20000.
> All ideas welcome!

It depends largely what you want to do, experience has shown me that for
your average SME type customer the idea of sitting down on a regular basis
and designing a newsletter simply doesn't work well for them, they either
dont have the time, the interest or the technical know how.
I made a little newsletter application which has a look to see what they
have added to their site database, either pages or products, this then gets
parsed daily, weekly and monthly by a script which then builds a page and
submits it to the subscribers. it writes back to the database to say that
its been sent so it doesn't get incuded on the next run. It does everything
they want and is totally automatic - they dont even know its been sent!
The thing I was offering customers prior to that was MyMail whihc is a
PHP/MySQL based GPL package - but its not user friendly enough for people in
that end of the market, probabaly be ok for sites where they have a
webmaster service.


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