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James Timbrell jimbrell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 15:34:58 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

I've had mixed results with both of these, but they're both worth a look.


I actually prefer Pommo, as it's a lot easier to use from a user point of

They both handle subscriptions etc, phpList also handles bounces too.


James Timbrell

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On 16/12/06, Phil Beynon <phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk> wrote:
> > Hi Chris,
> > It all looks pretty OK. Just a quick question... How do you
> > intend to send
> > "E-news"?
> >
> > This is open to anyone - what do you guys use to send out mail shots?
> For
> > work purposes I use Campaign Monitor, which is a great app but it
> > comes at a
> > cost!
> >
> > Are there any open source alternatives?
> >
> > I remember at one place I worked, they used a PEAR class to send out
> mail
> > shots, however this used always "give up" after about 20000.
> >
> > All ideas welcome!
> It depends largely what you want to do, experience has shown me that for
> your average SME type customer the idea of sitting down on a regular basis
> and designing a newsletter simply doesn't work well for them, they either
> dont have the time, the interest or the technical know how.
> I made a little newsletter application which has a look to see what they
> have added to their site database, either pages or products, this then
> gets
> parsed daily, weekly and monthly by a script which then builds a page and
> submits it to the subscribers. it writes back to the database to say that
> its been sent so it doesn't get incuded on the next run. It does
> everything
> they want and is totally automatic - they dont even know its been sent!
> The thing I was offering customers prior to that was MyMail whihc is a
> PHP/MySQL based GPL package - but its not user friendly enough for people
> in
> that end of the market, probabaly be ok for sites where they have a
> webmaster service.
> Phil
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