[Phpwm] Next Meeting : 6th July @ 19:00 (OpenAdvantage) - Marcus Baker

Marcus Baker marcus at lastcraft.com
Sat Jun 24 02:11:40 BST 2006


David Goodwin wrote:
> I/we are hoping that the next meeting will be on the 6th of July at Open
> Advantage (Broad Street, Birmingham).
> Hopefully there will be a buffet :-)

Sorry, I screwed up :(. I meant the 13th, as I cannot make the 6th. I
got mistyped in my rush to reply. Sorry for any trouble, I made a
terrible mistake.

> Personally, I'd like to hear both of Marcus's talks, but it might make
> for a long meeting.

I am happy to do both (especially if fed). This would be quite handy, as
I am after audio for both.

> (The two hopefully's refer to the fact that the room isn't yet properly
> booked into Open Advantage's calendar, so there's a small chance that
> the time/date etc will change.).

Suits me... :P

yours, Marcus
Marcus Baker
marcus at lastcraft.com

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