[Phpwm] installing pnmscale / netpbm

Keith Pope keith at clevercherry.com
Mon May 8 15:02:19 BST 2006

I find GD good for most things.


There are plenty of classes about that do this for you, there are a
couple on pear but they seem all to be only alpha releases.



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I'm  using cjpeg and djpeg and pnmscale to rescale images through a php
upload script.


I haven't got pnmscale on my server. I've read around a bit and found
that i need to install netpbm. How do i install this on red hat? Also
which directory do I install it to?


I use apt-get install on my laptop at home which works a treat. Is there
something similar for red hat?


Also is there a better way of automatically rescaling images whilst
maintaing quality and aspect ratios? GD Library?

Thanks in advance,


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