[Phpwm] paginating print output

Elliot Smith elliot at townx.org
Thu May 11 16:20:06 BST 2006

alan dunn wrote:

> I have a pretty standard invoice document which prints to A4 - a 
> header section - name, address etc. followed by a variable number of 
> order lines then at the bottom a peel off address label. I control 
> output to the address label using an html style with an absolute 
> position on the page.
> This works fine with 5 or 10 order lines which fit on the page, but 
> when I get say, 80 lines, the label still prints where it should, but 
> now the order lines flow over the label, on to the top of the next 
> page and on.
> Any ideas on how I start to control the detail line output (line 
> count?) and impose some page discipline on the printed output?


I hate to be a party pooper, but I think you are going to find it nigh 
impossible to correctly format for print from an HTML page. I'd 
recommend you think about converting to PDF, which is more controllable. 
Another approach might be to populate an OpenOffice document with the 
data (they are XML files inside a zip file and can be programmatically 
filled in) .


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