[Phpwm] PHP with Cron

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Thu May 18 16:30:46 BST 2006

pete graham wrote:
> I am setting up some PHP scripts that will be called by cron. Since I 
> have PHP installed as an apache module I was planning to use lynx to 
> load the PHP file.

Do you have a $http_proxy set?

> I am testing this on my dev server first, however I have found that Lynx 
> seems to ignore the Virtual Hosts that I have specified in /etc/hosts 
> file, and therefore cannot connect to any of the sites on my Dev server. 

It's always respected ip/hostname mapping from /etc/hosts before for me.

> Does anyone know how this can be fixed or an alternative method that I 
> can use?

I think you're probably using a http proxy somewhere, which is doing the 
  dns lookup, instead of your local machine.

> In case anyone is interested I am checking that the client IP is the 
> same as the server IP in the files for security reasons, so only the 
> server itself can call the cron pages.

You could just use a .htaccess (or similar) in Apache to restrict access 
to a cron.php file based on IP address etc.


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