[Phpwm] REST tutorial

Rayhan Abdulmughnee rayhan at hotmail.com
Fri May 19 08:54:37 BST 2006

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the links.  Will look through them.

“It could also be worth looking into his Tonic (PHP REST framework) 

I have looked at it.  It does look interesting, thou they have not released 
a stable version yet, so I am hesitant to use it.

“But are you after producing REST apis or consuming them?”

I have a database application and would like other sites to be able to get 
information from the database on their own site.  So, I suppose I am trying 
to develop a distributed application with a central database.

I followed the tutorial on codewalker (along with another on the web) and 
was able to get some of the functionality I wanted.  NuSOAP seems pretty 
good.  It was fairly easy to submit a form and get the content back.  That 
was as far as I got.  Will play with that a bit more over the weekend.



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