[Phpwm] PHP|Tek leftovers

Marcus Baker marcus at lastcraft.com
Sat May 20 21:55:13 BST 2006


Ian Munday wrote:
> Both of these would be of interest to me, and following on from the
> recent PHPWM meeting at OpenAdvantage can I suggest that would be an
> ideal venue(?)  Perhaps July / August(?)

I have a baby due in early August, so it would have to be a little
before. It's easiest for me to do Wednesdays.

> I've no idea about how to go about recording the talks though...

I believe as long as one channel has the talk, and another has the talk
and the background noise (mid position), you can extract all you want.
The proper equipment is pretty cheap, although I haven't set it up myself.

> Ian

yours, Marcus
Marcus Baker
marcus at lastcraft.com

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