[Phpwm] locating user's geographical location by IP

Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu May 25 21:57:52 BST 2006

On 5/25/06, sukh virdee <sukh_virdee at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I was wondering if there was a way of finding out where a user is accessing
> my website from from, as in geographical location.

I wrote something to do this a few years back but it got lost :( but
there are plenty of packages containing the data you need and I am
sure somebody on the list can point out a favourite.

I just want to point out you are only discovering the ip of the
machine making the request this could be the other side of the world
from the user.

I often use proxy server or a vm I have in the US to get around
geographical restrictions so don't rely on this for any kind of
security or force a language on a user who might not understand it.


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