[Phpwm] Server Monitor Scripts/Solutions

Reuben Pearse reuben.pearse at pslconnect.com
Tue Apr 17 15:45:35 BST 2007

Hi Pete,

We use Nagios here. We're currently monitoring over 100 hosts and related 
services (e.g. disk space, RAID status and CPU on servers).

I've written a few custom checks that look for specific emails arriving in 
our support mailbox. I've also written checks that automate logins to 
websites to check certain functionality is working.

Another monitoring solution I've started using is Cacti, but this uses 
SNMP for all it's monitoring.

Have fun
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[Phpwm] Server Monitor Scripts/Solutions

I need to set-up a system that will 'ping' a number of webservers to check
they're working, do you guys have any recommendations?

I'm looking for something that's fairly quick to set-up. The main thing is
to get it to monitor the uptime of webservers/sites, however if it had to
ability to check email, DB servers, etc too that would be great.

Pete Graham
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