[Phpwm] Postcode Database

Alastair Battrick al at aj8.org
Wed Apr 25 09:55:58 BST 2007

Chris Allen wrote:
> I seem to remember that PAF data ( Postcode Address File ) was the 
> subject of conversation a few weeks back?
> Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has implemented an address finder for 
> UK postcodes into a web application before, and if so what database did 
> you use? I ask this as the Royal Mail are charging a squillion pounds 
> for their one + updates, and wondered if there was any alternative 
> solution.

Check out the pay as you go option from

I spent a couple of hours integrating that into our systems a month or 
so ago, and it is a great service. Cost between around 2p and 5p a 
lookup depending on the size of the credit pack you buy.
Alastair Battrick

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