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Hi Chris,

I've implemented a PAF database before in MySQL for a more 
customized/bespoke address lookup application.

I would not recommend this option if all you want is basic postcode 
lookups. Other address lookup solutions that we've used are Postcode 
Anywhere and QuickAddress (although this can get expensive)

The solution/cost will depend on how many lookups you will be doing, and 
if the lookups are being done by one organisation or many, or by anyone 
(i.e. public site). Google's address lookup options are getting better all 
the time, and no doubt there will soon be a UK address lookup API at some 

If you're interested in the MySQL PAF solution, I'd be happy to send you 
the database schema for loading the PAF data into.

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[Phpwm] Postcode Database

I seem to remember that PAF data ( Postcode Address File ) was the subject 

of conversation a few weeks back?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has implemented an address finder for UK 

postcodes into a web application before, and if so what database did you 
use? I ask this as the Royal Mail are charging a squillion pounds for 
one + updates, and wondered if there was any alternative solution.

Many thanks.

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