[Phpwm] Re: Postcode Database (Chris Allen)

Jonathan Adjei jadjei at ntlworld.com
Fri Apr 27 15:20:12 BST 2007

I got some bunf through the post the other day from these...

Not had a good look at what they offer or whether they can meet your needs,
but thought I’d share.
The letter says there is a 20% discount for everyone in the 'web developer
community' which might be worth mentioning if you do get in touch.

Lite package - £195 ... Standard - £495 ... oh, just seen it might be
yearly. It's a hosted service, but anyways.


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>Hi Chris,
>I've implemented a PAF database before in MySQL for a more
>customized/bespoke address lookup application.
>I would not recommend this option if all you want is basic postcode
>lookups. Other address lookup solutions that we've used are Postcode 
>Anywhere and QuickAddress (although this can get expensive)
>The solution/cost will depend on how many lookups you will be doing, 
>and if
>the lookups are being done by one organisation or many, or by anyone (i.e. 
>public site). Google's address lookup options are getting better all the 
>time, and no doubt there will soon be a UK address lookup API at some 
>If you're interested in the MySQL PAF solution, I'd be happy to send 
>the database schema for loading the PAF data into.
>Reuben Pearse
>Principal Technical Consultant

Hi Reuben,

I've been chatting to postcodeanywhere and the javascript popup solution 
looks perfect and will be cost-effective for the way the application is to 
be used.

HOWEVER, they are basically being 'stepped on' by Royal Mail on September 
1st. As this is a desktop application for use in the motor industry, each 
dealer will require a license at £360.00 for the full search, which is a 
yearly cost.

I'm know speaking to Royal Mail and I have asked them to send some sample 
data, but I'm not sure how I'm going to implement it right now. I can't see 
it being feasible to host a database of 27million address on our server 

I liked the look of the postcodeanywhere solution as its so simple to 
implement, and all data is kept update & intact elsewhere, but isn't there 
the chance that these Royal Mail license fees may kill this company?


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