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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Thu Feb 15 10:55:12 GMT 2007

>> It has been on one or two mailing lists, news groups, forums, blogs 
>> and on
>> the toilet door in the services on the m6 toll.....
> I love the m6 toll, I have however not seen the graffiti in the
> services as I am normally too busy attempting (and miserably failing)
> to break the sound barrier in my car when using it.

Yes, I've heard of many people saying something like "there are no 
police/cameras on it; I got up to 120+ on it".

I, on the other hand, am paranoid that the day I go that fast there 
would be an army of speed cameras around the next corner just waiting to 
take away my license.

(I'm not sure if my peugeot 307 could survive/reach 100mph anyway)


David Goodwin

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