[Phpwm] RE: Commuting to Birmingham on a daily basis (Chris Allen)

Chris Allen pickledegg at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Feb 15 14:29:31 GMT 2007

>We have a position for someone matching those skills however public
>transport is really a non-runner as we are just moving to out of town
>offices and the business park is in a small village between Birmingham and
>I take it this would be of no interest?
>As an aside our current big project is for a sports wholesaler based in

Dave, I'll email you for more details if that's okay, I'm not one to turn 
down any opportunity without a proper look ;) I'm also not averse to working 
from home!

>Having worked four times over the years (Typewriter Centres, Royce 
>MBS & Alphatronics) for city centre companies my answer woould be simple -
>Its basically just too much hassle, expense and irritation - there's plenty
>of places on the periphery or in the suburbs that pay as much and simply
>don't give you that level of daily grind.

and Phil, I know it can sometimes be a pain, but theres a bus to Brum from 
outside my house, and it takes 50 mins, so its not much hassle really. Of 
course, its not as good as my current location which is 10 minutes walk down 
a lane, but locations not everything if the job is very underpaid and the 
company pays no attention to current/future trends & web standards.

If there is a good web team in the suburbs of Aldridge Walsall, I have yet 
to find them! :-(


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