[Phpwm] Moving/Migrating Trac Installation

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Thu Jul 5 19:07:52 BST 2007

pete graham wrote:
> I have Trac setup for a website and need to move it to a new server.
> Does anyone have a recommendations or know good tutorials of how to do
> this?
> To clarify:
> - Trac is installed on both servers
> - The site has been checked out from svn on the new server
> - Trac is setup for the site on the old server
> - Trac is not setup for the site on the new server
> I have very little knowledge of Trac at the moment (have only used it
> briefly) so need to start learning fast ;-)

Copying the files from trac, and making sure the same apache setup is 
used will be all that's required. Trac doesn't store it's own url in 
anything, so there should be no config files that need changing (aside 
from perhaps 'from' email addresses etc).


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