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Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 03:52:00 BST 2007

> > I was looking at a few bits on ebay over the weekend. Its
> amazing how low
> > some of it actually goes for.
> I suspect it's their way of recycling stuff - i.e. selling it for near
> nothing is cheaper than having to pay for it to be recycled properly.
> Of course in the end this means home users just chuck stuff in the
> bin/attic/garden shed.... which defeats it all...
> David.
> - --
> David Goodwin

We used to dump / recycle our tat at radios rallies in the years before ebay
and the like, sort of electronic car boot sales, long before the computer
fairs scene came along.
Though what percentage of it people ever got working again is debatable,
generally speaking if I can't fix a board or a bit of kit then it's probably
not fixable. But at least in those days people actually tried, and had the
interest to try!


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