[Phpwm] Who owns your code?

Tim Cumming tim at cybacat.com
Thu Jun 7 12:44:51 BST 2007

It would be interesting to know exactly what the legal standpoint is on
'intellectual property rights'. I imagine that the same question arises
if you want to use the same code for a different client...

My take on it would be that, as the customer paid for your time to
develop the code they own what you have supplied and can amend it as
they see fit. As you have developed the code you can re-create and
distribute as you see fit, unless the client has specifically requested
that you do not do this, in which case I would increase the cost of the
work provided :oP

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Just wondering where people stand on php code ownership.


Specifically, if you've created a bespoke site for a client then do they
the code or do you?  If they then want to change the site at a future
and they choose to use a different developer to modify your code can



Joseph Jabbar

TIC, Birmingham

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