[Phpwm] Who owns your code?

joseph jabbar joseph.jabbar at tic.ac.uk
Thu Jun 7 13:28:37 BST 2007

> The answer lies in the contract between you and the client
> ............... You did agree a contract at the outset didn't you?

Actually it's the other way round -- a potential client is coming to me with
existing code and I'm not sure he actually owns that code and really don't
want to get into copyright infringement (especially against the code of a
fellow php coder ;-)

> Perhaps we could come up with a template contract which might be of 
> value to the group members?
> alan dunn

That get's my vote.

> Anyway, to answer your question, we (Pale Purple) produce the code 
> under an open source license, so the client can do with it what 
> they like. The reasoning being that they've paid for it, and if 
> they want to change it in the future that's up to them. Obviously 
> they could choose a different developer at a future date - in 
> which case we'd have to ask ourselves "Why didn't they return 
> to us? What have we done wrong? ".
> David Goodwin

That's quite an enlightened position - which license do you give LGPL?, MIT?

Maybe we could have a number of templates for group members, ranging from
Pale Purple's open-minded open source variety to a more 'tighter' one that
could be applied to a source encrypted product?

Joseph Jabbar
TIC, Birmingham

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