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See below (Just incase you're not aware of LugRadio!)


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Hi everyone,

Can I ask a small favour - could you all post a quick message to your
LUGs about LUGRadio Live 2007 in Wolverhampton on the 7th and 8th
July. Over 40 speakers, a full exhibition, stacks of exciting debates
and sessions, a live LUGRadio recording and more, and for £5 for the
entire weekend. :)

LUGRadio Live is all about community, is completely community driven,
and shaping up to be a great event. With this in mind, I would
appreciate letting your communities know about the event. I know a
number of LUGs will be there, and there is a lug,org.uk BOF, so it
could be a great opportunity to meet other LUG people. :)

More information is at www.lugradio.org/live :)



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