[Phpwm] Opportunity to teach your PHP knowledge to me

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What you also have to remember is software dev rates in the lower end of the
SME market are 500 per day raising to 750-800 per day in the high end of the
range. So any one in the SME market would have to either quote accordingly
or sacrifice a large level of revenue...


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Kevin Golding wrote:

> The original poster said they'd been estimated 20 man hours of work, 
> add 25% and we'll assume 25 hours in reality.  Even if you knock off 
> £1000 for a standard PHP training course elsewhere that would make an 
> hourly rate of £160.  Now if you're saying you're "far too expensive" 
> for someone talking £160/hour I'm curious what your hourly rates are 
> :-)

20 man-DAYS, not hours... Even assuming that the 20 days is correct, In my
experience, a job where you are talking a project that takes 4 weeks, you
need at around 5 more days of PM and QA.

A 25 day project is not a small job.



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