[Phpwm] Opportunity to teach your PHP knowledge to me

Kevin Golding kevin at caomhin.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 3 08:36:03 GMT 2007

Someone, quite probably Rob Allen, once wrote:
>Kevin Golding wrote:
>> The original poster said they'd been estimated 20 man hours of work, add
>> 25% and we'll assume 25 hours in reality.  Even if you knock off £1000
>> for a standard PHP training course elsewhere that would make an hourly
>> rate of £160.  Now if you're saying you're "far too expensive" for
>> someone talking £160/hour I'm curious what your hourly rates are :-)
>20 man-DAYS, not hours... Even assuming that the 20 days is correct, In
>my experience, a job where you are talking a project that takes 4 weeks,
>you need at around 5 more days of PM and QA.

Oops, I blame that Friday feeling where the world looks rosy and there's
a chance someone is charging £200+/hour for writing PHP :-)

That said, the training costs would also scale for such a long project.
Probably not linearly, and since it would increase the likelihood of
Simon doing more work for his tutor (and resultant extra value of it
too) therefore paying back more that way, it would certainly be less
obvious.  And that seems an ugly sentence to me but it's early Saturday
and I'll probably struggle more to make it coherent than anyone else
will to read it, sorry.

Anyway, it still ends up with me thinking that most people are put off
by the fact that when they do the sums they come to suspect that their
figure is greater than the original poster is thinking, and by enough of
a margin that it goes beyond what we'd swallow as a Good Deed.  If
anything I think training for a 20 day project would hurt most of us
more than for a 20 hour project.

I think it's just the economics of people on this list, and I'm sure
most of us know there's often someone, somewhere, who'll do our jobs at
half the price for various reasons.  I know the way my time is invoiced
I'm probably cheaper than average for certain tasks and more expensive
than average for others, although hopefully the rates are still within
sane bounds even if they fluctuate either side of the average for
marketing purposes, the final bill should usually come out about average
I believe.


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