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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Mar 14 10:19:07 GMT 2007

Chris Allen wrote:
> A few days ago ( vol56 issue9 ), as the topic was based around the 
> subject of recruitment, I decided to post a link to my CV, I know this 
> was out of the norm, but I wondered whether I'd ticked anyone off, as 
> no-one acknowledged it and another issue was created.

Hi Chris,

Firstly, the majority of people don't receive the mailing list as a 
'Digest', so referring to 'Vol 56, Issue 9' isn't too helpful! (sorry!).

Yes, your CV did come through fine; although I've not personally looked 
at it. I personally don't mind you posting it here - as I know a number 
of people are trying to recruit at the moment.

One of the aims of the group has to be to support the various companies 
in the area (at least indirectly through code sharing/support/indirect 
advertising/recruitment etc) else there wouldn't be much of a PHP 
community! (something has to pay the bills etc...)

> Does another issue start after every 9 volumes usually, and is this a 
> case of me being extremely paranoid?

I belive an issue represents a day - and all posts in particular day are 
bundled up into one email. If there are no issues, it probably means 
there have been no posts.

> I feel I am as I've got a fair idea of how most of you guys tick, and 
> I'm convinced if there was anything to be said you would have just gone 
> ahead and said it.

Yes, 'tact' and 'politeness' are two words not normally associated with me!.

> Just thought that was worth getting off my chest..

Anything else? :)


David Goodwin

[ david at codepoets dot co dot uk ]
[ http://www.codepoets.co.uk       ]

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