[Phpwm] My post

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Wed Mar 14 10:09:30 GMT 2007

> A few days ago ( vol56 issue9 ), as the topic was based around
> the subject
> of recruitment, I decided to post a link to my CV, I know this was out of
> the norm, but I wondered whether I'd ticked anyone off, as no-one
> acknowledged it and another issue was created.
> Does another issue start after every 9 volumes usually, and is
> this a case
> of me being extremely paranoid?
> I feel I am as I've got a fair idea of how most of you guys tick, and I'm
> convinced if there was anything to be said you would have just gone ahead
> and said it.
> Just thought that was worth getting off my chest..
> Chris

I didn't have a problem with it Chris, in fact being the nosey sort of
person I am I went and had a look see! :-)

David was trying to get people to put stuff up on the main site the other
day - why not put it on there, its more likely to do good than buried in the
archives somewhere.


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