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Dave Holmes dave at neteffekt.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 11:17:28 GMT 2007

> Where did this idea of trying to keep all the javascript out of pages and
> have nothing inline actually come from and what are the perceived


The basic principle is to strip out everything from the pages except the
actual content you want to get across, all java should not be in the file
taking up valuable space. IE a spider may only get as far as reading your
Jscript and not actually get to the content of your site. 

The same principle is true of CSS/XHTML remove all mark up from the content
to make the pages lightweight and portable. The layout can then be applied
to match the device you are viewing on, the side effect being light pages
the engines can spider efficiently. 

<search engine tag cloud>

www.keysafe.co.uk, www.clublinefootball.com, www.neteffekt.co.uk,

</search engine tag cloud>

Couldn't resist!!! :)

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> Yeah as david said, really nowerdays we're (as in web developers
> as a whole)
> are (or should be) trying to keep javascript out of html pages. What you
> then do is install the hooks using the javascript. As a rule of thumb this
> is done in "window.onload".

It might be worth mentioning that both the BBC and SKY news sites make
extensive use of inline javascript.


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