[Phpwm] Cron.monthly

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 12:41:04 GMT 2007

Chris Allen wrote:
> I have a question or three regarding cron:
> On debian, am I right in thinking that in order to run a php script 
> every month, I just copy the file into the cron.monthly folder? ( I'll 
> stick with the global date/time settings for now.)
> Are there any naming conventions apart from the fact it has to be 
> lowercase?
> Also if I want to run the file in the cron.monthly folder to test it, 
> what would I type?
> Thanks,


Clearly my subtle suggestion didn't work (in the digest mail) :

>> If you wish to earn more Brownie points,
>> please trim / remove irrelevant posts and content, to keep the 
>> conversation clear :)

3 things :

1) Make sure your script is executable (ls -l, chmod 755 $script etc)

2) /etc/crontab has the definitions for _when_ cron.monthly jobs will 
run, if you're interested.

3) You'd probably need to put the #! line in the script, like :

echo "dogs bark\n";

(i.e. it has to be run-able from ./script.php)


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