[Phpwm] PHP Calendar

Ian Munday ian.munday at illumen.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 17:10:20 GMT 2007

On 21 Mar 2007, at 15:48, David Goodwin wrote:

> Ian Munday wrote:
>> I'm looking for a PHP calendar to integrate with an application  
>> I'm writing.  It needs to be pretty mature and include the  
>> following features:
>>   *  day / week / month / year views
>>   *  pick up events from a database
>>   *  categorisation of events (e.g. a meeting or telephone call)
>> I'm ideally seeking something free (isn't everyone!), but have  
>> small budget if required.  Also, something that integrates nicely  
>> with Smarty would make my life a lot easier.
>> One I've come across which has the sort of functionality I'm after  
>> is VCalendar (see http://www.ultraapps.com/app_overview.php? 
>> app_id=19).
>> I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations you guys might have.
> I (well, $customer at previous job) used :
> http://www.php-calendar.com
> It had a number of different authentication backends (e.g. ldap, db  
> etc) and stored everything in postgres.
> Didn't customise it much, and can't remember how good/bad the code  
> was (we didn't do much work on it once we got it working)

Thanks guys for your responses - I'll take a look at these  :o)



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