[Phpwm] (fwd) [SB] Court of appeals decision on software copyright

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Thu Mar 22 11:02:18 GMT 2007

> > Personally I am against the idea of software patents as quite
> simply if they
> > came in big time any independent developer might as well just
> pack up and
> > find another job.
> Indeed; although you may be hasty to reach this conclusion - as there
> are still developers in the US.
> (i think)
> David.

And plenty of ongoing big time litigation as well - most of which probably
never gets to court since right or wrong the developers simply couldn't
contest an action by one of the big players.
There are (2004 figures) over 100,000 software patents issued in the US each
year. There becomes a point where you simply can't function in any rational
sort of way or do anything useful or sensible under a system like that
without the fear of some form of litigation coming out of the blue. The
problem in the US is that the whole system of patents and so called
protection of has become an industry in its own right effectively fighting
against and stifling innovation unless you are a massive company prepared to
contest everything that gets thrown at you.


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