[Phpwm] Load Balancing and redundancy

Alex Mace alex at hollytree.co.uk
Thu Mar 22 13:14:10 GMT 2007

If they're currently running on a single server it's probably easiest just
to split your server into a database server and a web server, that saves you
having to worry about sorting out your sessions, etc.

To get some redudancy you could set up a backup server using Linux-HA that
will take over when the primary server goes down. You'd have to do the same
for the database server and set up MySQL replication from the master to the

>From there upwards there are loads of different ways of going. In terms of
load balancing a simple (although not very intelligent ) way is just to set
up a round-robin DNS records for the servers, but that won't handle sessions
for you and won't provide any redundancy.

Zend Platform might be something to look at to take care of sessions across
multiple machines, or you could write you own session handling to store that
in a database...

Hope that at least gives you some ideas!


On 22/03/07, Mike Tipping <mike at e-msg.co.uk> wrote:
> I've currently got a number of projects on the go that are going to exceed
> the capacity of a single server. These are fairly dynamic, session based
> sites hosted on LAMP servers.
> Does anyone have any experience or advice on load balancing and adding
> redundancy to apache websites?
> Currently I'm looked at:
> * Balance - which seems too simple to be true
> * Virtual Linux Server - Heck of a lot more complicated but more powerful.
> Any thoughts on these as solutions or suggestions on alternatives?
> Cheers
> Mike
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