[Phpwm] Load Balancing and redundancy

Mike Tipping mike at e-msg.co.uk
Thu Mar 22 16:39:48 GMT 2007

Yes that's balance.

Good article on it here:


that makes it sound amazingly easy. 

The things I'm not sure about are:

Redundancy - It can handle one of the web servers going down but what
happens if the balance server goes down?

Resources - I guess you need to have an exact copy of the site on each
server which sounds like a headache. Linux Virtual Server utilizes a shared
data store so gets around this.

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Mike Tipping wrote:
> I've currently got a number of projects on the go that are going to exceed
> the capacity of a single server. These are fairly dynamic, session based
> sites hosted on LAMP servers.
> Does anyone have any experience or advice on load balancing and adding
> redundancy to apache websites?
> Currently I'm looked at:
> * Balance - which seems too simple to be true 
> * Virtual Linux Server - Heck of a lot more complicated but more powerful.

> Any thoughts on these as solutions or suggestions on alternatives?

If you store the sessions in a database, and write custom session 
handler functions, you could just use DNS round-robin....


I've not heard of Balance before - I presume you mean :
http://www.inlab.de/balance.html ?

I'd opt for LVS


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