[Phpwm] Potential meeting topic - javascript frameworks?

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 09:18:56 BST 2007


Would anyone care to do a presentation on Javascript frameworks at a 
future meeting?

There are a number of frameworks out there, and I think it would be 
useful either for someone to talk about/show $favourite_framework, or to 
compare a number of frameworks....

(This isn't aimed at you Keith, but you've given me the idea)


Keith Pope wrote:
> Hi,
> You really should check out mootools ( http://mootools.net ) it makes life
> so much easier you could then just do:

David Goodwin

[ david at codepoets dot co dot uk ]
[ http://www.codepoets.co.uk       ]

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