[Phpwm] PHP IDE's

Richard Harrison php at rjharrison.org
Thu Nov 15 13:19:59 GMT 2007

I use Zend Studio.

It does what I need it to do but it's not perfect by any measure.

The feature that keeps me with it the remote debugging (one you get that
setup it's hard to stop using it, so useful).

I'd like to learn how to use VIM but finding the time is a problem.

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> Daniel Davies wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm just wondering what people are using to develop their PHP in.
> Vi[m]. The one true editor. All others are poor imitations :)
> <cue editor war>
> (seriously - vim's great for remote editing, does syntax highlighting
> and completion and will reindent code.. that's about all I need)
>> We primarily use it because of Mylyn plugging in to our
>> Bugzilla so for work purposes a similar feature would be essential.
> Not heard of this; I know there are a number of useful plugins (i think
> I saw one for Trac the other day).
> My style of desktop use doesn't suit eclipse very well, as I keep
> opening and closing windows, rather than having a number of tabs open in
> the background. Waiting for eclipse to load is a bit of a brain killer.
> (Perhaps our computers need upgrading now?)
>> P.S. Looking forward to meeting some of you tonight!
> Likewise.
> thanks
> David.
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