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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 13:11:32 UTC 2008

Mike Tipping wrote :
> Having used MS project and Dot project before I used to struggle with not
> being able to add due dates and deadlines to my tasks...
> ...then I looked at my tasks in dot project, realised they were all red
> anyway and came to terms with not being able give myself deadlines.
> If you edit a todo list you can link the list to a milestone so you can tell
> you team they need to do a group of tasks by a date.

Going off on a tangent; we used to use dotProject, but found ourselves
duplicating stuff between Trac and dotProject. We also found
dotProject not particularly friendly to use (it wasn't particularly
quick, and although powerful, it seemed hard to get people to use it).
dotProject did have support for dependent tasks, and could draw gannt
charts etc - which was nice, but it seemed to take too much effort to

Now, we just have multiple Trac projects, create tickets for tasks
(which we can assign to milestones, which have dates) and aggregate
all tickets on our virtual planner. When we close a ticket in Trac, it
drops off the virtual planner (and vice versa for ticket creation),
and the only admin that's required is assigning tickets to an
appropriate week based on the estimated hours attached to them.


David Goodwin 

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