[Phpwm] mod_frontpage

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 15:08:06 GMT 2008

> > Linux
> >> Not that you would really want Frontpage on a Linux box.
> > It works.
> I simply scrap anything like that and rework it in PHP :)

Happily, but not all of my hosted sites are done by me, some are written by
the customer / third parties.

> >> Which version of Apache?
> > Its a Cobalt Raq4i server appliance running a highly customised
> version of
> > Redhat Linux and Apache httpd 1.3.37
> That would explain the 'compiled in' - Never bothered with 1 as 2
> was just
> becoming stable AND at that time I needed Windows machines as
> well. That build
> is from 2006 but since there have only been a few more security
> fixes since
> and it works .....

It passes the relevant test for the card company so thats good enough! :-)

> >> Since mod_frontpage 1.6.2 for Mandriva is dated 2002 it does
> >> sound as if the
> >> installation is due for some updates anyway?
> >
> > Everything else is actually pretty much updated and passing the various
> > tests applied.
> >
> > It may be that the version of mod_frontpage is adequate to
> pass, but I don't
> > know how to interrogate the routine to determine this, hence really my
> > original question!
> >
> > Was there a command that you used to determine the Mandriva one as being
> > 1.6.2?
> It's not included in the normal distribution even, so I had to
> search for it.


> There does not seem to be anything newer on my package search,
> and that was
> the version number on the one that was found. Everything else
> seems to have
> been wound up with no activity since 2002. It may be old enough not to be
> noticed, but on the other hand it *IS* a known security risk so
> needs updating
> or stripping!

I know SUN as owned Cobalt Systems by them were working at some stage on FP
2002 extensions for the 4i/r and 550 models but I'm not sure if they even
went to release.
I don't think that there were any subsequent Linux FP flavours after 2002
from MS - but will quite happily stand corrected on that if wrong?

I'll see what happens if its module isnt loaded into apache as Andy C
suggests once I've established how many sites are using it.

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