[Phpwm] mod_frontpage

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 14:39:21 GMT 2008

Phil Beynon wrote:
> Linux
>> Not that you would really want Frontpage on a Linux box.
> It works.

I simply scrap anything like that and rework it in PHP :)

>> Which version of Apache?
> Its a Cobalt Raq4i server appliance running a highly customised version of
> Redhat Linux and Apache httpd 1.3.37

That would explain the 'compiled in' - Never bothered with 1 as 2 was just 
becoming stable AND at that time I needed Windows machines as well. That build 
is from 2006 but since there have only been a few more security fixes since 
and it works .....

>> Since mod_frontpage 1.6.2 for Mandriva is dated 2002 it does
>> sound as if the
>> installation is due for some updates anyway?
> Everything else is actually pretty much updated and passing the various
> tests applied.
> It may be that the version of mod_frontpage is adequate to pass, but I don't
> know how to interrogate the routine to determine this, hence really my
> original question!
> Was there a command that you used to determine the Mandriva one as being
> 1.6.2?
It's not included in the normal distribution even, so I had to search for it. 
There does not seem to be anything newer on my package search, and that was 
the version number on the one that was found. Everything else seems to have 
been wound up with no activity since 2002. It may be old enough not to be 
noticed, but on the other hand it *IS* a known security risk so needs updating 
or stripping!

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